4 Reasons Why Branding Kits Matter

As a collective to impact humanity at scale we need to bring awareness to each of the geniuses and brilliant minds who are making a difference in The Social Movement. Our mission is one of great importance in impacting lives around the world. Change starts within each one of us and together we not only influence the world but create real social movements.

The purpose of the branding kit is to build brand awareness for each individual and our network of changemakers. By downloading your branding assets and changing your social profile images, it leverages the awareness of a built-in TV series to drive attention to each participant.

Here are the 4 ways it can do that: 

Brings Attention to Your Business

By showcasing your participation in TSM it will organically create awareness for your business and initiatives. This will also help drive traffic to your business online and through social media platforms.

Awareness For Your Investment

Show the world your investment of time and generosity in sharing your genius with the world. Investments are not just in the form of finances but it can be our time, energy, love, and passion for a social cause.

Build Your Network

When you have a specific social profile avatar and cover images, it helps our expansive network (online and offline) to recognize you are part of The Social Movement. This will help everyone to cross-promote each other around the world. Additionally, it becomes an access point for others to engage with you as TSM continues to exponentially grow its media presence and digital footprint.

Collective Awareness For Change

As the African proverb states, “If you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far you go with a team.” When we continuously bring awareness to the social causes and movements we are working to solve within The Social Movement we increase the awareness for change. Our mission is and will continue to be, Impact Humanity At Scale. We can not do it alone as it will take a massive team of brilliant minds and fearless individuals who are willing to be generous with their genius. Unapologetically we are daring the world to step up and step into greatness but it starts with each one of us. Our small acts will have a ripple effect and will far greater surpass each and every one of us.