Executive Producer, Chris LaVoie Season 1 Wrap Up Thoughts

Disrupting the entertainment landscape and making television history requires an elaborate strategy of doing the impossible. It’s about leveraging television as an asset to impact humanity at scale. This is precisely the spirit of The Social Movement. Despite creating a bold and complex series such as this, I admit that it all starts with keeping it simple and easy. When filming I aspire to entertain and educate the audience. 

When I began to create this concept and business plan of solving the impossible, I knew I had to start by leveraging television as an asset to attract the two most important elements: the right people and the capital. I had to begin to influence and activate people’s intellectual property in order to create the actual plan of attack. 

I have to be specific in marketing the audiences that have an emotional connection to each particular social issue we’re tackling. After all, it’s the audience and viewers who are going to be consuming it. After hundreds of hours of interviews, I pulled each hand-picked participants’ genius as they each worked collaboratively on teams to share their solutions with the world. Their characters and backstories are equally as important in order to captivate the audiences that are both inquisitive and skeptical about whether these “underdogs” will be able to take on the impossible tasks before them. 

The viewers are hearing the business plans and pitches as the show airs. This is where the twist lies – these individuals aren’t pitching to the investors, but rather they’re pitching these solutions and masterful resolutions to the world. As we have seen from past successful television series, the audience likes to be involved, having their hand in it, so to speak. 

That’s what people want – their voice to count, to be a part of history and change; people simply want to be heard. When people realize the power they hold, that is when humanity will truly be able to impact at scale. This is where I and the team are truly engineering real social movements and where the real credibility lies. 

We don’t just want to create a show that’s just smart and entertaining. We also want a series that is ultimately going to impact humanity at scale. I’ve worked closely collaborating with the team of entrepreneurs from Season 1, set to release Labor Day 2021. Season 2 is set to film this summer. The end of filming is but a mere stepping stone in this entire process. Now the teams continue that journey far beyond the end of filming where they will soon be interacting with our global audience to continue with our mission. Be generous with your genius and let’s impact humanity at scale together.