History In The Making

Moonshot challenges are the moments that create an everlasting chapter in history. One that is forever embedded in time encapsulating the moment when the world changes forever. It is that precise ethos that formulates the foundational birthplace of The Social Movement (TSM). The riveting series created by Chris LaVoie daring entrepreneurs to shake up the status quo and do the impossible.

LaVoie drew inspiration for the series by studying Elon Musk’s philosophies and views. When Musk announced his plans to go to Mars, LaVoie knew that challenging humanity to step up would create seismic changes. It was Musk’s proclamation that he was going to do the impossible that attracted the right investors by inspiring them to ask themselves, “What am I going to do with my money, and what is my legacy going to be? ” The question is, how do you innovate TSM to shift the landscape of entertainment and entrepreneurship while impacting humanity at scale?

After close analysis of these components, LaVoie questioned what if all businesses operated this way. As the number shows, 70% of society is complacent in the day-to-day humdrum, waking up going to work, coming home, and binge-watching shows. The one thing that people have in common is that everyone is passionate about some social issue like homelessness, hunger, education, etc. 

The pivotal plot twist to history in the making is to engineer impossible moonshot challenges that impact humanity and summon the brilliant minds in business to think differently. Season 1 served both as a pilot and experiment that challenged global entrepreneurs to create viable business solutions to stop a hurricane from hitting land, attempt to end cyberbullying or suicide, and much more. LaVoie states, “We didn’t know if 50 entrepreneurs could come on set and realistically build a business plan to stop a social issue. Would it even be possible?”

Filming in real-time over four days, what was impossible became reality. All four teams successfully built businesses to solve these social issues. Season 1 is slated to air Labor day 2021 on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and other distribution networks. With an investment of 1.25 million dollars to gain a conservative reach of 500+ million impressions. This proof of concept now serves as the evolutionary momentum for season 2 as the story continues.

For season 2, filming this summer with LaVoie’s new studio Red Knight Studios Company has upped the ante. Businesses created on set will now allow each person to gain a 4% equity motivating each entrepreneur to perform at an even higher level.