Post Production Timeline

The success of the teams on The Social Movement requires a collective coming together of geniuses both online and offline. Our story together does not end after shooting the show. In actuality, it just begins. Some teams will be taking viable business solutions and morphing what was created on set into a new reality.

Season 2 of TSM is slated to be released on Earth Day 2022 with a revolutionary approach that includes the viewers’ participation allowing them an opportunity to invest in the teams’ businesses. Each team will need a specific amount of starting capital to start their viable business solution.

Teams will gain funding from the audience through the following process:

  • Audience members will download the TSM app which allows them to invest in the teams’ businesses
  • Audience’ capital will be escrow in the X Billion Dollar Fund in exchange for equity in the teams’ businesses
  • Once the team(s) reached their starting capital goal they will be contacted by an Executive Producer and awarded the funds

The team(s) that receive starting capital will then begin the process of building their businesses in the real world. TSM will continue to follow their stories to capture the process of engineering viable business solutions to solve real-life social issues influenced by The United Nations. The audience will also gain behind the scenes access to the process.

In order to create real social movements, it takes a conglomerate of brilliant minds who are generous with their genius. The world needs you and it’s calling upon each of us to step into the extraordinary to impact humanity at scale. Will you answer the call?