Your Genius Is Your Madness

Be generous with your genius is the way of The Social Movement. Brilliant minds who are part of this mission are geniuses in part to their madness, the obsession with their craft. It’s the passion and love for what they do that drives them to accomplish the extraordinary. The feats that challenge the world to stand up and actively participate in making a real difference.

Throughout history in the making of TSM, visionary genius and creator Chris LaVoie had interviewed countless hours worth of high-performing and brilliantly fascinating individuals. It’s in these interviews that LaVoie craftily explains to them that every human has a genius whether you are Elon Musk or a homeless person. All of these interviews lifted a veil revealing their madness and this is where the magic lies –  their genius and madness are interconnected.

Just as Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk have a madness, in actuality that is their advantage: their madness is their genius. What sets these game-changers on TSM apart from everyone else in the world is simply the fact that they aren’t afraid to leverage it to step into the unknown.

For season 2, the teams will be headed to Miami Beach summer of 2021 to be filmed in real-time over the course of 4 days. They will need to accomplish the impossible by solving real-life social issues influenced by the United Nations. Each of the four teams will work on solving the impossible while creating a financially viable business where each team member will own 4% equity in it after going to market.

In addition to accomplishing the impossible, LaVoie also shares how he gamifies the process with his creative team as participants venture into this once in a lifetime experience. He also implements ploys to engage people throughout the entire process in an environment that’s highly competitive. LaVoie is able to have each team member tap into their highest performing level whether showcasing their financial, technical, engineering, design, communications, or marketing genius.

Throughout this labyrinth of brilliant madness, there also will be the involvement of a global intelligence agency GIA4. This elite organization is composed of the world’s most brilliant minds that come together and find solutions to better society that brings about viable change. The agency works collectively in secret through collaborative efforts around the world to gather intelligence and solutions. Their work is often considered classified, it has to be done in secret. As a result, they have to protect their members, staff, agents, and partners.

It is the collective effort of bringing together people from around the world and conditioning them to go after the impossible that will impact humanity at scale- creating a new reality.